Geroy Simon - Q&A

December 11, 2007

From Brandon:

Hey Geroy .I just wanted to know what is the meaning of the pose you do when you score a touchdown means. And how did you come up with it?

I started the pose for my son who is a huge fan of super hero's. Fans love it other teams hate it, so I keep doing it.

- GS

From Kayla Wolfe:

Geroy, first thing 2 say is that I absolutely love you! You're the best! If Icould I would marry you! lol. I live in calgary n every time the Lion's come here i have tickets! I sit right beside the opening where the Lion's come on too the field. I always have my flag that I got signed by you and Duncan, Havier and Angus but that was a while ago in Nanaimo on vancouver island...I got a pic wit u then too! I was sooo happy when I got that! U also always have my sign at the sign is big n orange and says "Yeah Geroy, strike a pose".

Thanks for your support, especially in Cowtown. I do remember your sign in the stands. We will see you next year.

- GS

From Kevin Pompey:

Great website.

Thanks for all of your hard work on my behalf, and the great advice. I listen to you more than you think. (My agent). You're the best!

- GS

From Bob P:

What do you see yourself doing after you retire from football and do you plan to stay in Canada?

I'm not sure what I will do after football. I don't like to think that way because I'm so focused on being the best that I can be now, although I have planted many seeds so I will be prepaired for the next phase of my life.

- GS

From Denis:

Great game on Saterday Geroy!! Nice to see you strike your pose a couple of times in GEROY'S CORNER!! Congrats on the allstar selection, and leading the league in receiving again!!

Thank you for all of you guys (and girls) in "Geroy's Corner", you are some of my biggest supporters and I thank you for that.

- GS

From Bryan:

Just want to say hi and let you know that I and my son think you are great. Thanks for taking the time to sign my son's shirt and take a picture with him after you scored the winning touchdown in Regina a few weeks ago. You really made his day and he can't stop talking about you. Hope we can see you again next year in Regina. Good luck the rest of the way and bring home another cup.

Thanks for the support especially in Regina. I do my best to give at least a few minutes to fans because I know it means a lot.

- GS

From Kyle:

Hi Geroy, Great site. I have most enjoyed your career as a Lion. I have a couple of questions.... What defensive back gives you the greatest challenge everytime you line up against him? And besides B.C. Place, which is your favourite stadium to play in. Thanks and good luck the rest of the season.

I want to first say that all db's in the CFL are very good, but when I'm on my game... they better hope that they have help! Regina and Montreal are always great places to play because their fans love their teams to death.

- GS

From Kevin:

Hi Geroy. It's Kevin, Lyle Green brother. 2 questions: Who is your all-time favourite NFL wide reciever? Which visiting stadium do you get the least fan base after the game from your BC Lions fans over the years? Not you, but as a team as a whole? Hope you understand the question.

Lynn Swann and Jerry Rice were my two favorite wide recievers growing up. We usually don't have many fans in Montreal.

- GS

From Glenn:

Hey Geroy: Congratulations on winning the yardage title again. You guys have a great team. I know that you expect the Lions to be in the grey cup game so my question is this. Who do you think will be in the grey cup this year. I am a bomber fan and live in Winnipeg but I remember when you played with Kahari, Arland, and Milt. You were awesome I remember you always being open. You still would of looked good playing with Milt and the boys but I know times change. Good luck in the West this year.

I know its a little late but I thought we would have played Winnipeg in the Cup.

- GS

From Matt:

My wife really wants a Geroy Simon BobbleHead. We have seasons tickets but were not one of the fortunate fans at last weeks game to receive one. Is there another way to get one, it would make a great Christmas Gift. Thanks,

If you want a bobblehead I would call the lions office and beg!

- GS

From Clark:

You are so cool and i'm hoping I can see you one day at a game but it will be hard living in Michigan! I am planning to play with the BC lions when I grow up and I'll be just like you, I hope you get this message.

I understand you are a big fan and you want to see the Lions play, we play every year in Toronto and Hamilton. I'm not sure how far that is too you but it's an idea.

- GS