Geroy Simon - Q&A

August 20, 2009

From D Toney:

What's up cuz, this is your cousin Meech. I like the web site. Just wanted to say Hey, hit me up sometimes. meech

D Toney,
What's up cuz! Thanks for checking out the site. I hope you had fun at the family reunion. I hate that I missed it as I was in training camp.

- GS

From Cooper:

Hey Geroy I am one of your biggest fans I named my gerbil after you anyway if you had the opportunity to play in the N.F.L. Which Team would you like to play for hopefully Redskins it is my favorite team and please respond Bye

Hey bud, I played on a few NFL teams (Bengals, Eagles, Steelers, Tampa Bay, and the Chiefs). If I could go back I would play for the Steelers because they are my favorite.

- GS

From Susan:

Geroy, It's Susan from J-Town.. Tell me you remember me? I got ahold of your brother on Facebook and he gave me your site. Holler at me.. How are you?? It's been ages. Keep in touch... Susan

How's it going. Its been at least 20 yrs since I've seen you. I hope all is well. Thanks for checking out my site.

- GS

From Larry:

hey Geroy,I was wondering if you have ever considered playing in the NFL or thought about it, you seem like you have what it takes, what you think?(nice site by the way!!)

See my response too Cooper. Thanks


From Eric:

I have followed you ever since you were a standout at Johnstown High. Every chance I get to see the CFL I watch it. I've seen you make the Canadian defensive backs look plain silly. How about coming down here and doing that for the Steelers. Either way keep up the great work making the Johnstown alumni proud. Eric

See my response to Cooper and Larry. Shot out to all in Johnston!